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Russia's protectorates in central Asia. Bukhara and Khiva, 1865-1924

cloth, 416 pp, ills.

Author: Becker, Seymour
Extra information:
ISBN: 0415328039
Publisher: Routledge
Published year: 2004
Reference: gwussr001
€ 35,00
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The tsar's viceroys

The tsar's viceroys

Russian provincial governors in the last years of the empire

cloth, 272 pp, map, dustwrappers

Author: Robbins, Richard G.
Extra information:
ISBN: 0801420466
Publisher: Cornell Univ Press
Published year: 1987
Reference: gw0040
€ 18,00
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Tussen Russen

ingenaaid, 248 blz

Author: Sauer, Derk & Ellen Verbeek
Extra information:
ISBN: 9065905855
Publisher: M&P
Published year: 1992
Reference: gw1777
€ 6,00
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De nieuwe Russen. Een geteisterd volk op weg naar de toekomst

gebrocheerd, 677 blz.

Author: Smith, Hedrick
Extra information:
ISBN: 9789051213348
Publisher: Tirion/Lannoo
Reference: gwussr1243
€ 9,00
Stock: 1
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