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Introduction to semantics and formalization of logic

cloth, two volumes in one, 259 and 159 pp, dustwrappers.

Author: Carnap. Rudolf
Extra information:
Publisher: Harvard Univ Press
Published year: 1961
Reference: w022
€ 30,00
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Inleiding in de transformationeel-generatieve taaltheorie

ingenaaid, 247 blz

Author: Scholten, T. et all
Extra information: Prima exemplaar
ISBN: 9001470904
Publisher: Wolters-Noordhoff
Published year: 1981
Reference: w103
€ 15,00
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Das Wahrheitsproblem und die Idee der Semantik

cloth, 2nd edition, 328 pp, dustwrappers.

Author: Stegmüller, W.
Extra information:
ISBN: 3211808868
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Published year: 1977
Reference: w024
€ 30,00
Stock: 1
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